Integrating Marketing Into Your Daily Practice

Sometimes it can be pretty easy to know where to start when you want to begin building good habits into your daily routine, e.g,. when you want to start working out, you know you can just put on your gym clothes and go.  But sometimes the path isn’t always so clear. For example, it can be a daunting exercise to increase your business development efforts when you don’t know specifically what that means or what you should be doing.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a one page list of things that you can be doing to help you build those positive daily habits. Below are just a few tips for you to start with. You can download a more comprehensive list and a handy goal template from my website,

  1. Develop a simple, easy to follow goal sheet (example available from my website).
  2. Write out all marketing actions in very specific language, e.g., on your goal sheet, write “Call Pat Stanley by April 20 and ask how their company is doing with the roll out of their new audit software.”, instead of  “call Pat Stanley”.
  3. Book time in your calendar at least once per week to focus on some aspect of marketing. Don’t cancel the appointment. If you find the efforts are easy for you after you’ve consistently met your initial goals, you can consider increasing the frequency of your efforts.
  4. Put a reminder note in your calendar to follow up with your contacts to see what they did with your advice. (See item #2 for how to do that.)
  5. Start small and stay focused. e.g. don’t ask yourself to contact 25 clients in a week; focus on three per week. Make the goal reasonable and you are more likely to hit your target.

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